Automatic Rolling Shutter Machine


Rolling Shutter Machine

Rolling Shutter Making Machines are one of the main specializations of our company. We manufacture and supply variants of Rolling Shutter Forming Machines in India. Every Shutter Making Machine variant has its own technical specification which produces the best result for that niche.

With specialization in Roll Forming technology, we have developed advanced machinery for better production of rolling shutter strips. Our roll tools are precisely crafted with super strong alloys material which carves hardness of about 60-64 HRC.

Heavy duty and dynamic body structure with easy-to-maintain systems, also with the dual coating of best quality of color for lifelong protection. The Rolling Shutter Making Machine constitutes of 9-Level Stations & 6 – Level Stations and Micro-Level Turning in Roll tools that draw the best and most seamless profiles of the shapes proposed by clients.
In these Rolling Shutter Making Machines, we use German Technology Reduction Gears.
Reduction Gears Divides Load Very Efficiently Gives High Production.

Automatic Rolling Shutter Machines are high quality for production machine PLC cut to length system.
Our fully automatic machine is a compact and fast operator, with continuing less space and giving more production.
The quality of the strips is flowless and with zero scratches. The strips are properly formed between the rolls without any extra Angles / Giraris – so color-coted material can also be formed very easily without scratches & bends.

The panel is made from high-quality components from Schneider, Germany & Delta, Taiwan, making components & drivers for Continuous & reliable use. The die (cutting die) of the machine is formed by heavy-duty WPS HCHCR- Grade material for the longest life and burr-less cutting. We have export-grade quality machines tested and run by many professional sheet-forming companies globally.

Features of SRF-AUTO

Automatic Rolling Shutter Machine Manufacturer of High-Quality Rolling shutter making machine.
Inbuilt PLC Controlled Panel for Safety and compact design
High-Quality output and high speed
compact and powerful
Fast delivery and User-Friendly Control
Tech Specs: For Automatic Rolling Shutter Making Machines

Model : SRF-Auto

Stations : 9- Level

Thickness : 0.55 ~ 1.2 mm

Width of Material : 114mm

Total Power Rating : 3.7KW/ 5HP

Required Electricity :3 Phase,380V,50Hz

Hydraulic Cutting Power : 1.4KW/ 2HP

PLC Automatic Control System

Variants of Rolling Shutter Making Machine

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