Rolling Shutter Machine 9 Roll


Rolling Shutter Machine

Super Rollforming is engaged in manufacturing an extensive range of Rolling Shutter Making Machines. These machines are designed with the proper drawings and smooth curves to the metal sheets. Our machines are made in such a manner that they can work for long hours consistently and are user-friendly. We offer these machines in different specifications and at economical rates in the market.
With specialization in Roll Forming technology, we have developed advanced machinery for better production of rolling shutter strips. Our roll tools are precisely crafted with super-strong alloys HCHCR-D3 material which carves a hardness of about 60-64 HRC.
The quality of the strips is flowless and with zero scratches. The strips are properly formed between the rolls without any extra Angles / Giraris – so color-coted material can also be formed very easily without scratches & bends.
In these Rolling Shutter Making Machines, we use German Technology Reduction Gears.
Reduction Gears Divides Load Very Efficiently Gives High Production.

Multi Design Rolling Shutter Machine 9 Roll Stations
Tech Specs: For Rolling Shutter Making Machines

Design change compact rolling shutter making machine with low power consumption. User-friendly, low noise, With 14-inch chopsaw cutoff system. 

Model : SRF-9Roll

Stations : 9- Level

Capacity :Heavy Duty

Production Capacity :3+ ton/day

Thickness : 0.55 ~ 1.2 mm

Required Electricity :3 Phase,380V,50Hz

Total Power Rating : 2.2KW/ 3HP

Required Electricity :3 Phase,380V,50Hz

Width of Material : 114mm


Variants of Rolling Shutter Making Machine

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