Solar Strut Channel Forming Machine


Solar Strut Channel Forming Machine

The solar strut channels are used to make the structure of the Solar Panels, our machine produce all size of strut channel required for this purpose.
With maximum thickness and perfectly curved edges, the strut channels are of superior quality.
The Solar strut channel machine is compact in shape and size to fit in any workshop and start the production. It is easy to operate and is highly rigid and heavy duty.
The Roll tools are carved in highly precise CNC machines which gives it best quality and long life as we say “Quality & Service are the main ingredients of our Machines”
The production of these machines also helps to make and save energy.

Product Specification: Unistrut Channel Forming Machine

Model : SRF-US

Automation Grade : Automatic, Semi-Automatic

Job Thickness : 1-2 mm, 2-3 mm, 1.5 -3 mm

Max Sheet Width : 0-200 mm

Voltage : 420 V 3 phase

Speed : 6-12 m/min

Capacity : 2-4 tons per day

Higher strength due to better curve

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